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5 Legit World War 2 Sites In Europe That Are A Must-Visit For All!

For those you’ve grown up watching the documentaries on the European history, and if your love for history knows no boundaries, then it is likely that a trip to Europe will treat your inner history buff very well. The history bits can be intriguing and to witness it ‘live’ is a rare visual retreat. Europe is a place full of cautiously kept ancient remains whether it is an old church in the main town or a historical building with age-old relevance.

There is always something to be seen from the past of Europe’s each city and some of the must visit places are that of the World War 2 sites in Europe that lie deep and buried in the dark ages.

Other than being historical in nature, these sites offer bright sights and breath-taking landscapes which not only offer a historical reason to tour the place but also a scenic background, civilized culture, recreation facilities, and an overall pleasantry aura to learn about its history, comfortably at our own convenience.

Much of the Second World War movement was led and dominated by the Nazi Regiment under the command of Adolf Hitler. Hence, the Holocaust period or the Jewish part of Europe’s history is of great relevance that has been preserved through these World War 2 sites in Europe in order to relate to its great past.

1. Dunkirk, France

Dunkirk, France

This is the place where the war took place on the beaches. Dunkirk lies to the north of France and is famous as it was here where the British and French troops fought against the German army during the World War 2. The Dunkirk evacuation eventually led to the defeat of the German troops. It was nothing short of a miracle when the British, Belgian, and French troops were isolated on the Dunkirk beach and harbour.

Today, a tourist has an option to catch a ferry from Dover to Dunkirk and explore the battleground while visiting the famous beaches of Dunkirk. There is also a famous Dunkirk 1940 museum which houses the war artefacts to walk you through the beach battleground. In addition to that, the visitors must tour the war sites like the Port Museum, three boats of Duchesse Anne, the barge guide, the lightship Sandettie, the Saint-Éloi church, and the town hall.

Also, a boat trip to explore the port and understand its installations is a good way to learn about the past and enjoy the beach touristy flair. There are other places of interest, giving tourists enough time to indulge in the history of the place by relaxing on the fine sand beaches and enjoying the beauty of the shore.

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2. Berchtesgaden, Germany

Watzmann Mountains Germany Alps Berchtesgaden

Located near the Austrian Border, Berchtesgaden is a town full of scenic and mountainous beauty. So much for the relaxing nature of Berchtesgaden, that even Nazi officials including Adolf Hitler could not ignore the place. As a result of this, the town emerged as the secret ground for official and personal gatherings of the Nazi regiment.

Much famed as Hitler’s mountain hideaway, Berchtesgaden is popularly called the Eagle’s Nest which has a monumental entrance and takes its visitors through a tunnel and then in a brass elevator, that connects up till the Obersalzberg headquarters. There is plenty to watch and observe here about Hitler’s luxurious stay and taste. The Documentation Centre, and the original Obersalzberg construct including the living room and windows, are a must visit for the history buffs.

Beyond the concrete walls, there is enough ground for recreation and relaxation. The open-air café surrounded by the magnificent Bavarian mountain display is both picturesque and fresh to soak in all the touristy vibes.

3. Jewish Cemetery, Prague

Jewish Cemetery, Prague

Lying ahead of the Prague Old Town is the Jewish Quarter. There is enough space to walk you through the Jew history including the Children’s Museum, four synagogues, and the most infamous Jewish Cemetery. You can embark on a specified history tour starting from the Old Town, enjoying the scenic landscapes of Prague, and then head to the Jewish Quarter to get a glimpse of the history of Jews who suffered a massive community destruction under the Nazis led by Adolf Hitler.

The first sight of the Jewish Cemetery will give you goosebumps and a fair idea of what transpired during the Hitler regime, before and during the World War 2. There are layers and layers of tombstones built on a small acreage as the war atrocities were so much that the Jews were not given enough space to bury or pay homage to their loved ones. Because of which, over 12,000 tombstones were laid over each other in a makeshift sort of arrangement. There are tombstone overlapping one over the other so that it appears to be death and human criminality further marginalized to the visitors.

It is heart-wrenching and evoking to note that Jews were so helpless during this period that they did not even have a burial ground to put their loved ones to rest. On a positive side, the site tour is a refreshing sight of how people lived during this time. The beautiful row of houses, the stunning synagogues, and the small boutique shops that sell the Jewish garments or accessories are a must visit.

4. Dachau Camp, Munich

Dachau Camp In Munich

Dachau is a popular medieval town as well as a residential area in north-west zone of Munich that houses one of the memorable World War 2 sites in Europe of the Dachau Concentration Camp. It is a must visit for those who are keen to catch a glimpse of how Nazi camps were organised to hold the political prisoners.

The Dachau Camp gives a clear picture of life at the camps, their lodge facilities, their work-life, the prisoner hierarchy, the gas chambers, the cremation ovens, and the memorial shrines. In short, anything and everything one may need to know about the human atrocities done in a Nazi Camp can be traced here.

Much of the original construction and its layout has been kept intact. It is a visual retreat for history experts. There is a documentary show and there is a museum, which provides enough dope on the history from the camp period till the World War 2.

Besides the camp history, the town of Dachau is a hidden gem from the past. The complete layover of the place is a pleasant walkthrough, especially for people who seek solace and some time away from the crowd. With around 45,000 people living here, Dachau has many open-air cafes that offer a relaxing vibe to chill with your loved ones. Also, it houses an 18th-century Renaissance castle with a lovely lookout garden that is located on an elevation and serves as a prominent spot in the otherwise unwinding town streets.

5. Normandy, Paris

Omaha beach in Normandy, Paris

Normandy in Paris is often flocked by the travelers who love beach destinations as this city serves as a home to many beaches where the World War 2 was fought. The famous Omaha Beach has reserved memories of the war and many things to learn through stories and historical facts. There is also a visitor centre which will guide you through other World War 2 sites in Europe like that of the American Cemetery, the Caen Memorial, and so on.

It is advisable to appoint a guide and take a guided tour in order to learn more about the sacrifices made during the war, which ultimately led to freedom of the French Citizens. Your visit to Normandy from the city centre of Paris will be full of exquisite countryside views. Also, make sure you stop on your way to the French northwest coast, to explore the historical Caen Memorial which is a site devoted to the war memories.

Your next stop would be the German defense site of Pointe du Hoc that commemorate the fight between the German and American troops. Post that, you can also visit the American Cemetery which serves as the burial ground for US military members.

Intrigued much? Apart from walking through the rich history of the place, relish the scenic beauty of nature in the backdrop while exploring the charm of these historical sites and take respite in the small pleasures of life on your next trip to Europe.

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13 Things To Do In Kimberley That Will Make Your Vacation Stand Out From The Rest

Kimberley is almost thrice of England’s size. This ancient landscape, which covers thousands of acres of land, is sadly also the world’s last forms of an independent wildlife land. Be ready to find abundant wildlife, yawning canyons, fresh swimming holes, and several outback stations. Here’s an exhaustive list of things to do in Kimberley .

Despite being a remote area, it’s also a place to find tasty food, friendly locals and romantic beach towns on the globe. We’ve shortlisted top 13 things to do in Kimberley:

1. Kimberley Mine Museum: Explore

Kimberley Mine Museum

One of Kimberley’s major attractions, this now amazing hole used to be a hill with a flat top. One of the largest excavations to be dug by hand, it measures 215 meters deep and covers an area of 17 hectares and a staggering perimeter of 1.6 km. The Kimberley Mine site was excavated over a long period of time, from 16 July 1871 to 14 August 1914. After excavating 22.5 million tons of excavated earth, the site gave up diamonds weighing 2,722 kilograms. The Big Hole is now a magnificent open-air museum encircled by pristine buildings transported from their original sites.

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2. DaRiva: Take a sunset cruise

Camel Joe Sea Cruise

The DaRiva comprises of a world-class kitchen and genial accommodation. The spacious top deck comprises of a barbeque facility and even a skipper at your service. 50km of fishing waters with diverse bird life. If fortunes favor you, you may even spot the Vaal River’s own Big Five: the Otter, African Fish Eagle, Giant Kingfisher, Goliath Heron, and Iguana.

3. William Humphreys Art Gallery: Check out local art

William Humphreys Art Gallery

The William Humphreys Art Gallery is an art museum. It pays homage to South African art. It also serves as an educational center for cultural activities to the community. It organizes various events, mainly focused on the stimulation and growth of young children as well as the unemployed women.

4. Hartswater Wine Cellar: Attend a wine tasting

Hartswater Wine Cellar

The cellar started producing wine in 1977 after harvesting the first grapes in the area. Visitors can taste wine and before purchasing a bottle or two of their choice. They even offer tours of their cellars. They have a wide range of choices like “Elements” & “Overvaal”.

5. Kimberley Town Hall: Admire the architecture

Kimberley Town Hall

Make sure to visit the town hall of Kimberly for its stunning architecture. Built in 1899, before the Anglo-Boer War, this marvelous piece of marble behemoth was designed by Fergus Carstairs Rogers. The majestic town hall is situated on Old Main Street. Its cream and white color makes it easily visible. You can board the tram to travel to other places in Kimberly as there’s a stop right outside the town hall.

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6. Honoured Dead Memorial: Pay your respects

Honoured Dead Memorial

It was the brainchild of Sir Herbert Baker, who was commissioned to design this building by Cecil John Rhodes. It commemorates the people who sacrificed their lives in the Anglo-Boer War. It is also the place where 27 men were buried.

7. Kimberley: Time travel in vintage trams

Time travel in vintage trams

These trams will take you back into the 19th century, to offer what the South African hub of activity looked like before it was transformed into one. When diamonds were excavated in 1871 in this small and untamed part of the world, the world took notice, as people flocked to the area to try their own luck. These pristine trams, with their original wooden seats, offer a 20-minute visceral ride through the atmosphere of the gold rush at the time.

8. Freddie Tait Golf Museum: Pay homage


Established in 1890, the Kimberly Golf Club celebrates the rich history of the sport in South Africa. It is here that the Freddie Tait Golf Museum, the first golfing museum on the continent, can be found. Here you’ll encounter the first golfing museum ever built in the entire African continent, the Freddie Tait Golf Museum. It was built to pay homage to the golf champion Freddie Tait, who was also one of the many people who lost their lives in the Anglo-Boer War in 1990.

9. Rudd House: Get spooked

Rudd House

This 19th-century house lives up to its haunted reputation. Built in the 1880s, it was considered one of the most paranormally afflicted houses in the country. It was renovated quite often, even though it was meant to contain only four rooms until it became the magnificent manor with a veranda. Referred to as ‘The Bungalow’, Rudd house was built on the site of the residence of Cecil John Rhodes’ business partner Charles Dunnel Rudd. They co-founded Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd.

10. Sol Plaatje Museum: Hear the story of Sol Plaatje

Sol Plaatje Museum

This used to be the residence of the first Secretary-General of the African National Congress, Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje. He was the first black South African to write a book in English. A Tswana speaker, he was well versed in European languages like Dutch, French, English, and German as well as African languages like Sotho, Afrikaans, Xhosa, and Zulu. This is an extraordinary achievement for its time as black people weren’t allowed the rights to education that whites were. The Sol Plaatje Museum and Library was built as a tribute to this man and his contributions to society of overcoming racial inequality in South Africa. His home and grave were declared National Monuments in 1992 and 1997, respectively.

11. Kimberley: Visit a photography gallery

Visit a photography gallery

One of Kimberley’s little-hidden treasures caches, the Duggan-Cronin displays some of South Africa’s best photographic skills and pieces. South Africa is subsequently home to several tourist attractions, mostly related to mining. However, this gallery gives locals and tourists, alike, a glimpse into the diverse culture and history in a rather intimate setting. Duggan-Cronin, an Irish miner in Kimberley, bought his first camera in 1904 and started photographing the mine workers. Later on, began to travel extensively in search of more stimulating and thoughtful images. He was subsequently given the name Thandabantu, meaning “someone who loves people” in the Matabele language. It is also the name of the permanent exhibition at the gallery that has put up on display the many faces and lives of ancestors of South Africans. There are more than 7 000 negatives being preserved at this gallery.

12. Kimberley: Get acquainted with South Africa’s elusive kitty

Get acquainted with South Africa's elusive kitty

Located almost 430km from Johannesburg, the Benfontein Nature Reserve is the only place in South Africa where you can find Africa’s smallest cat – the black-footed cat. Being a citizen of the night, it is the only time you can grab a look. The Black-footed cat, or Felisnigripes, is just marginally bigger than the average house cat. It has been an endangered species since 2002. Its habitat is suited to the open grassland and savannas of Namibia and South Africa and is therefore endemic only to the southern part of Africa.

13. Kimberley: Let your hair down at the local watering hole

Let your hair down at the local watering hole

Popularly known as The Half, The Halfway House is a bar and beer garden that is a beloved hub amongst locals as well as tourists. This building traces its root to 1872 when it was established on the road connecting two major diamond mines to cater to the tired, hot miners in need of an ice-cold beer.

We hope this list helps you to find that motivation to take a few weeks off from the dreary office hours. Book a trip to South Africa and check out these famous things to do in Kimberley. Happy sightseeing!

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5 Bars Near Dream Beach Bali That Would Make Your Nights Magical

The Balinese lifestyle is unique for its beautiful mixture of contemporary style with a touch of traditional heritage. All of it together makes Bali the Island of Gods, where the almighty is found in spa retreats, yoga, refreshing beach life, soothing resorts and even the grand events that take place in here. Among all the things, the nightlife of Bali is popularly known all across the globe for being so vibrant and appealing, both at once. Here, we have a list of the 5 best bars near Dream beach Bali which are meant for those who like the colorful spotlights.

Dream beach, as the name suggests truly offers dreamy views to its visitors. There are a large number of resorts that are constructed just across the turquoise ocean. Alongside, there are restaurants and bars surrounding the place from where one can get a direct view of the tough limestone ridges and tropical weather. For those who like to have a great time over a glass of fine wine, these bars are no less than a heaven. Hence, check out these 5 restaurants and bars which are the best around Dream Beach.

Go through this amazing list of Bars in Dream Beach that are definitely worth giving a visit. Check them out now!

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1. Pura Tapas Bar And Churrasqueria


Situated in a relatively quiet part of the Nusa Dua peninsula, the Pura Tapas Bar and Churrasqueria offers the finest Spanish and Mediterranean in Nusa Dua. Live music and dance usually accompany the BBQs and cocktails that flow at this place, and this is perhaps the only salsa bar in Nusa Dua. You may also spot guests doing samba and other eclectic dances to the Latin musicians that take to the stage every night. In fact, Pura Tapas is one of the best places to enjoy live music in Nusa Dua.

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2. Kori Restaurant And Bar


If youre eager to try some Indonesian curries and meat, this restaurant in Bali will not disappoint you. Kori Restaurant offers a multiple cuisine menu while you dine surrounded by descriptive wall hangings and mannequins of Balinese dresses giving a glimpse to their culture.

Cuisine: Indonesian, Western, Asian
Timings: 12 PM to 11 PM
Cost for Two: 375,000 IDR (INR 1800 Approx.)
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5
Location: Jl. Legian, Popies Lane 2, Kuta, Bali
Website | eviews

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3. Hard Rock Hotel And Bar


The Hard Rock Hotel and Bar is known far and wide for being one of the best hotels in the vicinity of Bali itself. Not only does the hotel offer some of the best rooms in the town, it offers some of the best dining areas, restaurant and bars in the vicinity, offering a wide range of food and definitely the widest range of cocktails in the town.

Location: Jalan Pantai, Banjar Pande Mas, 80361 Kuta, Bali

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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4. Hai Bar And Grill

Bars in city hall

The Hai Bar And Grill is one of the most famous bars near Dream Beach Bali that serves a dreamy location with a variety of sunset drinks. The tribal vibes would make you feel new in its embrace. The well-trained staff of this place is very attentive and offers the best food and drink suggestions to their customers.

Location: Mushroom Bay Nusa Lembongan, Jungutbatu, Nusa Penida, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80771, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 6:30am–11pm

5. Lgood Bar And Grill Lembongan

People enjoying in a bar

If you are looking forward to having casual friends at night, then this is the right place for you. The reasonably priced drinks and sufficient meal size would make you lick your fingers at the end of your meal. The interior is comfortable, so there won’t be any hassle to settle with the friendly ambiance of the place. The active staff and their services are quite remarkable as well. While in Bali, do give a visit to the Lgood Bar And Grill Lembongan.

Location: mushroom beach, lembongan, Nusapenida, Jungutbatu, Nusapenida, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80771, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 10am–11pm

Dream beach is a hidden gem for those who seek an escape from the mundane and want to live up a little. These restaurants and bars near Dream Beach Bali are perfect to spend a night getting loose with the music and being carefree in the upbeat party rythm. Plan a trip to Bali today and dedicate a day visiting all these famous bars to add some fun and excitement to your journey.

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4 Bars In Batuan Bali That Would Make Your Evenings Perfect

The colorful nightlife in Bali is something which invites people from all across the world. The visitors here often fall in love with the sumptuous food, lively gigs, spectacular performances and so much more! Try and have a taste of the sparkling nightlife in the glitterings bars in Batuan Bali and make your vacation a memorable one while surfing through the cheering crowd and multi-colored lights. Do whatever you feel like doing, be a free soul while losing yourself in the upbeat music and sipping on the famous cocktails, or just simply meltdown with the soothing music of the night.

A small and multi-colored village in Bali, Indonesia, Batuan is famous for its intricate artwork and creative art pieces that have been introduced in the village since the year 1930. Along with the art, the place also has some amazing bars and restaurants to make your nights energetic and memorable. Here, check out the list of 4 best Bars in Batuan, near Ubud and add them all in your must-visit list. Go on!

Get ready to give a visit to these bars in Batuan Bali and have an ultimate experience while enjoying the bashing nightlife in the Land of Gods!

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1. Bar Luna


The gem of Ubud nightlife, Bar Luna is the ultimate heaven for writers on the island owing to its frequent literary discussions. If that does not carry class enough, the place also has its own residential band, Crescendo, that can belt out some peppy numbers for the crowd. The place is an essential stop for international jazz artists, guitarists and others who are visiting Bali, and the live music and perfect cocktails are bound to make you want to dance. The friendly staff and members will serve you as per your demand.

Location: Jl Gootama (behind Nomads), Ubud
Cost for two: INR 1000

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2. No Mas Ubud


One of the best bars in Ubud, this small and cozy place on the Jalan Monkey Forest Street has cozy interiors and resembles more a pub than nightclub or performance center. The nerve center for broken hearts, No Mas is a cozy place with good beer and cocktails for patrons. Live music here consists of several cover bands doing the Top 40 playlist as well as some death metal bands, so some nights are really loud. Come to this place for a relaxed, chilled out night in Ubud for a friends reunion or solo night out.

Location: Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud
Cost for two: INR 300, INR 40 for one pint of beer

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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3. Laughing Buddha Bar

People enjoying in a bar

Location: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Timing: 9 am – 1 am

4. Night Rooster Bar

Bars in city hall

Location: Jl. Goutama Sel., Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Timing: 4 pm – 12 am

These joyous and welcoming places are heaven for the party animals and fun lovers. Did you add all these amazing bars on your list already? If not, then do not wait any more, have an amazing trip to Bali and feel the lively beats of these energetic nightclubs and bars in Batuan Bali.

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4 Alluring Places To Visit Near Uluwatu Bali With Kids In 2019

For all those who are looking for places for their next family trips, Bali will prove out to be a stupefying destination for you. It is a perfect blend of beautiful beaches to the tropical forests around the townships. The Island of the Gods has plenty of attractions built gloriously to entertain the whole family. One such venue is Uluwatu located in the southern region of Bali, Indonesia. Discover the hidden secrets of the stunning destination and wander around the places to visit near Uluwatu Bali with kids.

Uluwatu is a popular destination widely known for its cliff tops situated in Southern region of Bali. It is a collection of some of the best beaches of the Island of the Gods. The place still unexplored at many parts, has an untouched feel about it. Travellers from all over the world visit this place to feel relaxed and get laidback at luxury spas and resorts of Bali. If you are seeking calm and peace, wander around the land and do have a glimpse of the mystical Uluwatu temple. The person strolling across the roads of Uluwatu could also enjoy places nearby such as Cabaret show at Sol Beach House Benoa, Museum Negeri Propinsi, Pura Geger temple, Waterbom Bali and various other tourist hotspots of Bali.

Family trips to Bali are the best. One may find astonishing facts about the promised land. Being a welcoming place for the kids, it offers western styled food for fussier palates at luxurious Bali family resorts. For getting enlightened by all the required knowledge for kids, one could easily find a guide and end up making their trip a great success. To explore every bit of the Island, travellers easily get ample amount of lavish family accomodations in the Island of Bali.

We have provided to you astonishing places to visit near Uluwatu Bali with kids on a vacation to freshen up your body and soul in Bali Island. Read along!

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1. Cabaret Show At Sol Beach House Benoa


The Sol Beach House is in Tanjung Benoa is a hidden gem of nightlife around Nusa Dua. The place has the most dazzling cabaret shows on Sundays for its guests that include Vegas-style drag queens, dancers and performers dressed as Whitney Houston. The shows were held in the huge ballroom at the resort but have now become so popular that they have been shifted to the open air beachfront venue, making it one of the premier Nusa Dua beach clubs with a nightlife.

Location: Sol Beach House Benoa, Jalan Pratama
Entry fee:-INR 6500

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2. Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali


This is the best museum if you want to explore Balinese Culture in its entirety. This central museum is situated in the provincial capital of Denpasar and houses more than 10,000 artworks. There are a lot of pieces on display in here which include everything from prehistoric sarcophagi to dance costumes as well as masks. The Museum Negeri Propinsi is also known as the Provincial Public State Museum. Make sure to see the various pavilions which examine the different facets of the history and culture of the place. The whole ambiance of the place is more enhanced by the traditional music that plays on bamboo instruments. The best time to visit this place is in the afternoon as it is less quiet then.
Things to do: Observe the artifacts, pictures, sculptures and such; listen to music.

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. Pura Geger


This cliff-top Balinese temple usually features in the top 10 places to visit in Nusa Dua for its majestic setting and magnificent architecture. One of the most important cultural landmarks of the region, Pura Geger is a short walk from the beautiful Geger beach and can be reached by car too. The serene temple offering gorgeous views of the bay and Mount Agong impresses with its intricate stone work set against the tropical foliage. Thronged by local pilgrims on full and new moon days, it is a wonderful spot to spend some hours of solitude on all other days.

Location: Jl. Pura Puget, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Ideal for: Photography, Picturesque Views, Serenity

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4. Waterbom Bali


Since bali is filled with multiple water sports and adventures, a visit to the famous Waterbom is a must if you wish to go down some extremely thrilling water slides in this tropical paradise. Being counted as one of the top places to visit in bali for honeymoon it is a perfect spot where you and your partner can enjoy and create more than just memories at the Smashdown 2.0 ride.

Things to do: Theme slides, water slides, and surfboarding

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The Indonesian Island is renowned for being the perfect honeymoon destination, but this is not the only reason for such a serene escape. If you want to have thrilling adventures with your family, Bali is the place for you. It offers exquisite tourist destinations, specifically Uluwatu. You can also look forward to the places to visit near Uluwatu Bali with kids on your holiday on the Island. So, wait no longer and book a trip to Bali, immediately.

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5 Fancy Cafes In Sukawati Bali That Are Must For The Food Enthusiasts

It is a matter of no doubt that Balinese cuisine has a name among the food lovers all across the world. The local ingredients, lip-smacking delights, and the local food all together set people crazy to have a taste of the fine dishes around Bali. Hence, the Island of gods has many awesome restaurants and Cafes offering the right food for crazy food lovers. Check out the list of restaurants and cafes in Sukawati Bali are worth giving a visit because of being unique of all.

Sukawati in Bali is an Art Market and is famous for being distinguished and long-standing. Visitors often visit here to seek and purchase the unique Balinese art items that include many paintings, sculpted wooden figures, handicrafts, and handmade products. The shopping destination boasts of inexpensive items and unique handicrafts. Alongside, there are many charming cafes in Sukawati Bali that attract people the most. The charming aura, delicious food, reasonable prices, and pleasant crowd, you have all the reasons to visit the restaurants and cafes in Sukawati! Here, go through the list which includes the best 5 cafes of Sukuwati right below.

Check out these 5 little but most charming restaurants and cafes which are found in Sukawati in Bali. The tasty food and aura attract every true foodie here!

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1. Fly Cafe And Cuisine


The Saturday Night Live music and the Friday Night Trivia event (free entry) are definitely two reasons why the Fly Cafe and Cuisine are so important for people seeking the taste of Ubud nightlife. The open-air cafe offers a variety of different cuisines, and the gourmet pizzas and grilled seafood are recommended. The adjoining Warung Fly is the best place to have Balinese food, including spicy fried rice and whole grilled fish.

Location: Jalan Raya Lungsiakan
Cost for two: INR 700

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2. Yellow Flower Cafe


Located right in the Penestanan hills, there is a cave which shaped like a cafe. This Yellow Flower Cafe is run by an oval family and the surroundings there are enveloped in luscious greenery. Having breakfast here is just glorious. Take a seat here to taste some authentic Asian and Balinese food. The owners have grown their own vegetables to support local farming communities so everything that their taste is fresh and healthy. The setup is eco-friendly with simple decor so that the visitors get to experiment with the authenticity of it all. This is a must-visit place for trying out the Balinese Buffet every Sunday for dinner.

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3. Bukit Cafe


This cafe is famous for providing food to visitors to several nearby beaches such as Bingin Beach, Dreamland Beach, and many other sister beaches. Mainly populated by surfers the who day around, the cafe quite a wide range of local and intercontinental food.

Location: Labuan Sait, Jl. Labuansait, Pecatu, Pecatu, Bali

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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4. Cening Coffee Bali

Red River Cafe

Have a perfect experience at the Cening Coffee Bali as it offers you a variety of teas and coffees for you to sip on. The charming cafe also gives you a 10 minutes tour showing you some of the best coffee plantations and coffee bean trees. The place, with good staff and a good food menu, is a heaven for the true coffee addicts.

Location: Jl. Raya Celuk No.6X, Singapadu, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 8 am – 7 pm

5.Negari Luwak Coffee

Edmund Cafe

While you give a visit to the Negari Luwak Coffee, be ready to listen to the guide explaining to you various coffee procedures. They will also give you a sightseeing tour and make you taste the free sample of various coffee, tea, and hot chocolate that are available in the place. The mangosteen tea is a must-try beverage here.

Location: Jl. Raya Singapadu, Singapadu Tengah, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 8 am – 7 pm

Are you already drooling and making a plan to visit these cafes in Sukawati Bali? If yes, then may your trip to Bali includes a lot of burpy returns from famous restaurants and scrumptious feast at the cafes around the Island. Visit Bali to experience it all and do not forget to share your amazing travel experiences with us! Food lovers, it’s about time that you tighten your seatbelts.

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10 Things To Do In Plovdiv: Try Your Hand At Winery Tours And More

The second biggest city in Bulgaria, after the capital of Sofia, is Plovdiv. The ancient city is a perfect blend of the old and new and is a cultural melting pot of people of all diversities, which have made Plovdiv their home. Surrounded by some stunning mountain ranges and with a history of over 8000 years, this place is a haven for history buffs and enthusiasts. There are so many things to do in Plovdiv, whether it is exploring the old charm of the city or the young nightlife –there is something for everyone here to keep you busy.

From pub-hopping to exploring the unknown facets of this ancient city, there is no dearth of things to do in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Here is a list:

1. Explore the old town

the old town

After all, it is an ancient town, having a history of over 8000 years. Isn’t it exciting to find out what it was like to live in those times? Did you know that Plovdiv is the 6th oldest living city in the world? it dates way back to 4000 B.C. when the Thracians settled down here. With such an impressive history, it almost a given that you need to explore the old town. The cobbled streets and some of the old houses, which have remained untouched makes for a great stroll too, while you soak in the history of this place. This is one of the best things to do in Plovdiv.

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2. Ancient Theatre

Ancient History Athens Theatre

This open-air theatre in Plovdiv is one of the most ancient theatres in the whole world, almost 2000-years old. The history of this theatre is pretty interesting. It is believed that this theatre was used in the Thracian era for gladiatorial and hunting games, amongst others. Interesting…isn’t it! it was also believed to be the seat of the General Assembly of the Thrace. These days, the theatre is still used for cultural events including the opera, music, and drama. The annual events of the city like the International Folklore Festival and the Rock Festival are held here. This stunning piece of architecture has stood there for ages and it slightly reminds you of the Colosseum in Rome.

3. Roman Stadium

Roman Stadium

Yet another architectural and historical delight, this stadium was built in the beginning of 2nd century AD. Many games have been played in this stadium and is monumental in that sense. These games are said to be organized by the General Assembly of the province of Thrace. The seats here are made of marble blocks. But the most interesting part of this stadium is at the Roman Stadium square, where the northern curved part is located. A vaulted passage was discovered under those seats, which is again connected to the tracks. In some places, you will also find Greek inscriptions and other interesting pieces of history. It is a thing of architectural beauty that you should definitely not miss. The place also has a colorful wall with the drawing of the missing parts of the stadium, as they would have imagined it to have been in that era.

4. Regional Ethnographic Museum

Regional Ethnographic Museum

This is an amazing place and probably the right place to start your trip of Plovdiv. Located in the old town, this museum gives you a sneak peek into the lives of the people who inhabited this city, from the Thracian era. There are over 40,000 artifacts, which have been exhibited in a beautiful Plovdiv house, Kuyumdzhieva, which is a National Monument of Culture. The entire museum is divided into six segments which range from Agriculture to Musical Instruments. Gun-powder box, wooden calendars, rose distillery, church plates, clocks, antique arms, goat’s hair rugs, tile stoves, shepherd’s pipes, and some very valuable paintings are just a few of the interesting and rare stuff that you will find here. The museum also plays hosts to a number of traditional festivals like the Annual Festival of Chamber Music and The Festival of Classic Guitar. There are also demonstrations of the various art forms, which is another interesting way of gaining knowledge on the lives of those glorious eras.

5. Asen’s Fortress

Asen's Fortress

This fortress, a short drive from the city of Plovdiv, has stood through times and has held guard right from the Thracian era. It had its own army and administration. The beauty of this fortress is that it has been a fortress not only for the Thracians, but also for the Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Bulgarians, and Ottomans. You can see glimpses of every era at this fortress. Archaeologists have also discovered a castle, complete with living quarters, a church, cisterns, and a tower, which are all connected by stone steps. They also found a church courtyard, along with the Holy Mother from Petrich Church, under the castle. This architectural delight is situated on top of a cliff precariously, with a river below, and is one that should not be missed.

6. Take a Wine Tour

Take a Wine Tour

Yes, you heard that right. This ancient city is also home to one of the most beautiful and oldest vineyards in the world. There are different wine tours that you could take and discover these vineyards. The credit for the vineyards also goes to the Thracians, as they loved a good glass of wine, as it is believed that many of their rituals encompassed the use of this. While you are there, try out their Mavrut and Rakia wine, which are indigenously brewed. Rakia is the preferred one though for its strong taste and brewed locally. If you are adventurous enough, you could even blend the two and have!

7. Try the Traditional Bulgarian Fare

Traditional Bulgarian Fare

Plovdiv is a place, where people of different ethnicities live together, in harmony. As they have blended, so has the culture and cuisine of this place. While the place offers cuisines from all over the world, do not miss out on the experience of a Bulgarian Mehana, where they are happy to serve you the best of the authentic fare of this beautiful country. Right from clay pot stews to halloumi cheese to the fresh and colorful shopska (their salad), it is a feast not just for the eyes, but even for your tummy! To pep up the ambiance, these are accompanied by traditional dance performances, which will mesmerize you.

8. Get ‘Trapped’ at Kapana

Get 'Trapped' at Kapana

No, we are not joking. It is called the “Kapana”, which literally means “The Trap”, and it is called so because once you get in there, you would not come back any time soon. These are for two reasons, one is that the alleys there are too narrow and has a lot of twists and turns that you will actually get lost and the second reason is that it is a shopping paradise! Galleries, workshops, studios, and shops – you will find absolutely everything here. These alleys are even dotted with art spaces and all of it is so colorful, it looks like a long and never-ending flea market of sorts. There are also the occasional festivals, concerts, and forums held here.

9. Do some pub hopping

pub hopping

Plovdiv is not just about monuments and the ruins, or even the museums. Yes, you will be surprised to find that Plovdiv has evolved beyond that tag and has a spectacular nightlife. Bars and pubs are found in plenty in this city. We suggest that you do not just stick to one, but to do a round of pub-hopping, to get the best of everything. Of course, the best place to start would be the Kapana. Even in these pubs, some are historic and some are uber-chic places. Some of them have DJs playing some great music while a few others have live music bands. Do not miss out on this.

10. Visit the Aviation Museum

Aviation Museum

There are a handful of museums in this historic city and each worthy of a visit. One of them happens to be the Aviation Museum. This one is right next to the city airport and is a wonderful place to visit. The key attraction here is the Arado 196 A-3, a German seaplane, which is the last surviving model of its kind. Another interesting thing includes the original descendable spacecraft of the first Bulgarian astronaut Georgi Ivanov, along with his original space suit and the parachute. What is also interesting are the collection of space equipment and space foods that the museum houses. One thing that you should definitely not miss when you are here are the collections dedicated to Asen Hristov Yordanov, who is known to be the creator of the first Bulgarian airplane. This is one of the most fun things to do in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is a city steeped in history and culture, but also has moved ahead with times. There are so many things to do in Plovdiv, and maybe that is why it has also recently been announced the European Capital of Culture for 2019. So, if you do visit Europe, do remember to take a detour to Bulgaria; you will be treated to a number of cultural programs all the year round.

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Top 15 Celebrity Holiday Destinations Where Your Favorite Stars Love To Chill!

Courtesy: Image 1 & Image 2

The shining celebrities of the glamorous B-town, have always inspired and influenced the lifestyle of their fans by their extravagant holidaying style. Whether it’s the culture of New York or the tropical paradise of Maldives, the die-hard fans are always aware as to where their favorite celebrities are holidaying.

Since the fans are so keen to know where their favorite stars are chilling, we’ve put together a list of the best celebrity holiday destinations where your favorite stars like to take a break. All you have to do is, take a pick, plan your own international trip, and groove to the style of your favorite stars. Take a look!

15. Tuscany, Italy – A Gorgeous Paradise That Tied Anushka & Virat In The Bond Of Love, Forever!

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You have to give it to Virushka for their classy choice of a destination wedding. Of all the romantic cities in the world, the couple chose to tie a knot at the luxurious and iconic villa of Borgo Finocchieto which is tucked away in the stunning village of Borgo in Tuscany, Italy. Located at a distance of just thirty minutes from Siena, the historical village is believed to be about 800 years old which makes it one of the best celebrity holiday destination, suitable for romantic getaways as well as a grand destination wedding under the Tuscan sun!

14. New York – This Is Where Jacqueline Fernandez Loves To Hang Out All By Herself


A post shared by Jacqueline Fernandez (@jacquelinef143) on

New York tops the charts when it comes to top celebrity holiday destinations. The bustling lifestyle, the young crowd, the scenic attractions and the lively ambiance of New York, is something that every star would love to indulge in.

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13. Switzerland – A Destination That Makes Ranveer Singh Feel All Charged Up Than He Already Is

It does not come as a surprise if the Swiss Alps become synonymous with celebrity travel. A perfect amalgamation of snow-clad mountains, shimmering valleys, lush forests, and natural beauty, Switzerland can easily sweep any star off their feet.
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12. Prague – Shraddha Kapoor Celebrates Her Birthday Full Of Love And Laughter In The City Of A Hundred Spires


A post shared by RIYA SOMANI (@shraddhakapoor) on

Offering the best beer in Europe, Prague is a city that you can’t help but fall in love when the sky paints a beautiful canvas as the sun goes down. With a rich history and cultural heritage, Prague keeps its admirers hooked to the ancient art and one of the world’s best breweries.

11. Greece – A Getaway For The Gorgeous Malaika Arora Khan With Her Gang Of Girls

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A true manifestation of romance, one look is all it takes to fall in love with Greece and its environs. The charm of white structures with blue domes overlooking the Aegean Sea will not leave any stone unturned to impress you, just like your favorite stars.

10. Thailand – Karisma Kapoor Loves To Relax And Unwind In The Turquoise Waters Of Thailand


A post shared by KK (@therealkarismakapoor) on

The perfect beach destination of all, Thailand is where Karisma Kapoor chills often, away from paparazzi. Take the celebrity cruise line, go island hopping, and do not miss out on exploring the vibrant nightlife of Thailand.

9. Salzburg – A Fairyland Where Sonam Kapoor, The Fashionista Of Bollywood Goes On A Never-Ending Shopping Spree

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Salzburg is a city straight out of dreams for shopaholics which is why, it is one of the favorite celebrity holiday destinations for Sonam Kapoor and her sister, Rhea Kapoor. Blending a culture of more than 250 years old, Salzburg is yet another architectural wonder in the heart of Austria.

8. French Riviera – An Ultimate Adventureland Where Khiladi No.1 Tests His Abilities Beyond Limits


A post shared by Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) on

This beach paradise is always high on love, life, and entertainment. It’s exotic beaches, cultural heritage, and calm environs, makes French Riviera one of the best celebrity holiday destinations where our very own khiladi no. 1 Akshay Kumar retreats to relax and rejuvenate in his own way.

7. Hayman Islands – A Beach Paradise That Elevates The Spirits Of Free Souls Like Lisa Haydon

If at all there is a place where the blues can make the travelers happy, it’s the one and only Hayman Islands. Being one of the northernmost islands in the Whitsundays, Hayman Islands is ultimate destination for watersports enthusiasts.


Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.


6. Australia – A Wonderland That Left Parineeti Chopra Mesmerized On Flying Like A Free Bird Without Wings


A post shared by Parineeti Chopra (@parineetichopra) on

There is literally no place on earth that fills your soul like Australia does. From nature, art, culture and traditions, to architecture, wildlife, wineries, and one of a kind experiences, Australia is a one-stop destination where every famous celebrity cannot resist but losing their heart.

5. Dubai – The City Of Glitz And Glamour Is Where Hrithik And His Boys Love To Hangout

Owning a bungalow of whopping 17 crores, Shahrukh Khan states that the shimmering city of Dubai is his second home. Full of glitz and glamour, Dubai is also one of the favorite celebrity holiday destinations of famous stars like Salman Khan, and Hrithik Roshan.

4. Paris – PeeCee Takes A Break In Paris When She’s Not Able To Find A Breather “In Her City”


A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on

An epitome of love and romance, Paris is the most loved and most common destination when it comes to celebrity vacations in France. Whether you’re with your soul-mate or not, your journey in Paris will surely be a soul-stirring one.

3. Bali – This Beautiful Paradise Is Where Bipasha Basu And Karan Singh Grover Sealed Their Love

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Considered to be one of the most charming islands and much famed amidst the honeymooners, Bali is truly a gem of a destination. With crystal clear beaches, palm-lined shore, and glistening coastline, Bali often serves as a great host to all the famous celebrities.

2. Seychelles – Here’s How Sonakshi Sinha Quenches Her Wanderlust In The Tropical Paradise


A post shared by Sonakshi Sinha (@aslisona) on

This exotic island is one of the favorite celebrity holiday destinations of our very own dubsmash champion, Sonakshi Sinha. Also, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton chose this heavenly paradise of Seychelles for their perfect beginning.

1. Maldives – A Gem Amongst All The Other Famous Destinations, This Is Where Alia Bhatt Celebrates Her Dear Zindagi Like A Beach Baby

Maldives is the heaven where usually all the love birds like Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge, and chirpy little birds like Alia Bhatt love to flock. Striking a perfect balance between the greens and the blues, Maldives shines bright like a diamond amongst the stars of Bollywood.

Mesmerized much? You too can have a blast just like your favorite star. Plan a perfect holiday the way you want and customize the best of international tour packages with TravelTriangle. And for when you’re back, do share your experiences with us at

Happy Holidaying!

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13 Things To Do In Mthatha To Know What African Culture Is All About

South Africa is considered as the paradise for the flora and fauna of the world. Along with being the safe haven for the wondrous creations of nature, South Africa is also the ideal place to experience mankind’s rich and progressive history. If you want to experience these things in the best way, you cannot find a better place than Mthatha.

The city has the best of the accommodations, from cheap prices to high-end hotels. Excellent services are provided during the stay. There are various guides and travel agencies to help in giving a tour in and around Mthatha. Along with a convenient array for the ideal accommodations, Mthatha is a city that is brimming with an innumerable of once-in-a-lifetime sights as it acts as the sanctuary and homes to exotic species of flora and fauna.

Mthatha is imbued with the purest essence of the South African nation. The city is intricately set alongside the banks of the river Mtata. The city has clean and calm beaches for those long walks and an unforgettable coastal hike. You can get engaged in various things to do in Mthatha, as there are majestic cliffs and grassy hilltops, nature reserves and an old long museum of South Africa’s most famous president, Nelson Mandela.

We have curated a list of some of the best things to do in Mthatha. Read along the article to know more on the interesting activities you can indulge yourself in while exploring around this town of Mthatha.

1. Wall Hiking Trail

Wall Hiking Trail

With sandy beaches and beautiful mangrove swamps, cliffy hills and amazing caves, the hole in the walking hiking trail is one of the must things to do in Mthatha. The trail is a new twist to usual coastal hikes. This hiking trail is as historically significant as it is beautiful as it built on the foundation of an abandoned gold mine. The trail still retains its historical essence even after several decades as the hikers can still see the remains of what once was an extensively populated gold mine.

The trail starts from a pretty seaside village of Presley’s Bay. Then through the coffee bay beach and then ends in the cave of Dolerite cliffs. Climb down the cave and reach the ANC cadres fully stashed arms hailing the city during the time of liberation struggle. Consider yourself lucky if you find the whales and dolphins swimming and playing in the water in tandem.

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2. Hluleka Wildlife Reserve Trails

Hluleka Wildlife Reserve Trails

The Hluleka nature reserve is paradise to the nature lovers. There are well-laid footpaths, suitable to take a walk. Through the beautiful forests of stink ebony, the rocky coastline, and the sandy beaches you can find absolute respite.

The flora and fauna are at its peak here. Take note of the Burchell’s Zebras, spotted genets, blue wildebeest roaming in the forest.there are cape parrots, ground hornbill, African finfoot sitting on the branches, stop to click amazing pictures of them. The Hluleka Wildlife Reserve Trails stands as one of the elements that justify South Africa’s reputed title for being a sanctuary for all things natural.

3. Mdumbi River Kayak

Mdumbi River Kayak

Drift in the clear waters of the Mdumbi River by a kayak and witness the most spectacular swarms of jellyfish, or catch the kingfishers swooping into the water. Through the swamps take a look at the nature’s most beautiful creations.

The Mdumbi River Kayak is the ideal choice if one wishes to witness the beauty of the oceanic scenic views that South African county has in stores for visitors. Along with various awe-inspiring oceanic sights, the kayaking trail is enclosed with an overwhelming family of fauna as they guide the path ahead towards the destination.

4. Coffee Bay Beach

Coffee Bay Beach

Coffee Bay Beach starts from the freely flowing Nenga River and it is backed by grassy hills and cliff faces. The beach is clean, serene, and fantastic for those evening walks. There is a hiking trail through it and you can do horse riding along the shore.

Take a walk alongside the beach to unwind at the day’s end. This is the ideal spot if one wishes to relieve themselves from the mundane routine of everyday life. You can witness the wondrous oceanic sights as you sip on your preferred choice of beverage.

5. Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve

Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve

Take time off the hustle and bustle of the city crowd in the reserves of Dwesa and Cwebe. These two reserves lie on either side of the River Mbashe. Less known to the people this is a quiet and less crowded place. The reserves protect the inter-tidal and marine environment.

Along with being the nexus for the endangered species, it also serves as the ideal candidate if one wishes to experience the beauty of nature first-hand. The reserves boast of birdlife comprising of over 290 species of birds. Take a walk along the coast to see the beauty of nature. Hikers can mark it in their activities to do in Mthatha.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. Second Beach

Second Beach

Rejuvenate yourself by taking a dip in the waters of Port St. Johns second beach. Go for a run or play volleyball in the sands. Go for The Gap and Blowhole near the beach. It is one of the popular places among the tourists.

There is ladder through a narrow gap which can prove to be quite adventurous. Walking through a distance there is a blowhole at the edge of the ocean on a black rock. The water rushing out of the rock and then crashing against them is pure satisfaction to your aesthetic senses.

7.Bird’s Nest Hike

Bird's Nest Hike

Near the Second Beach is an indigenous forest that holds the most spectacular view of the town. Hike through the forest witness the view that is offered and up to the airstrip. There are various accommodations near it for you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Added to that, tourists can take a hike and experience the fauna co-existing within their respective optimum conditions.

8. Nelson Mandela Museum

Nelson Mandela Museum

Take a tour through the museum to know about the life of world famous leader Nelson Mandela. Loved and respected all over the world, for his work and vision. The museum was opened in 2000, and it was Nelson Mandela’s vision to open it for the enrichment of the people of Mthatha. This attraction is a must-visit for anyone who is curious about world-famous leaders and about the impact they had on the world through their legacy.

The museum features a wide collection of pictures and exhibitions that are dedicated to the work and passions of reputed leader that was Nelson Mandela. The museum stands as a tribute to the works and ideas of Nelson Mandela. Tourists can visit the museum from Monday to Friday during any hours between 9AM and 4PM.

9. So What Lounge

So What Lounge

Unwind yourself at this comfortable party place. Known to have the most ravishing parties in the town. The place is located at a non-residential area, so the parties go up-till morning. visit the place to dance to the beats and indulge in the city culture. There is a spacious dance floor, private lounge and pool tables.

The place is perfect for anyone who wants to lose themselves within crowds and loud music. It also serves as the hub to meet and interact with new people around the city. The So What Lounge also serves as the perfect getaway from the mundane as they have the opportunity to sip on their preferred drink of choice while munching on delicious South African delicacies.

10. Madiba Trail

Madiba Trail

The hike in the Madiba Trail is one of the things to do in Mthatha. The trail leads to Qunu where Nelson Mandela grew up and then past the University of Fort Hare, where he studied. The Mathatha dam is located along the trail, ideal for outdoor activities and picnics with family and children.

A wonderful way for fishing and bird watching. The trail serves as an all-purpose hike for experiencing the beauty and significance of the South African city. Not only does it acts as grounds that imbues the history of South Africa but also as the spot where the tourists can experience wondrous natural scenic sights as they witness the flora and fauna co-existing in perfect harmony within the trail. Tourists can spend their day with their family in the Madiba trail and indulge in various activities such as camping and fishing to make cherishable memories with their families.

11. Kwelera National Botanical Garden

Kwelera National Botanical Garden

It is a conservation garden, promoting biodiversity among the locals as well as the tourists. You can spot various less known birds like Knysna turaco, or an emerald spotted wood dove. Visitors can spot various species of bird that they probably have never seen before. The Kwelera National Botanical Garden acts as the breeding ground for some of the most exotic species of bird kind.

12. Magwa Waterfall

Magwa Waterfall

A 50- minute drive from Port St. Johns will lead you to the Magwa Waterfalls, located in the middle of the Magwa tea plantation. It serves as the ideal spot to unwind during a long trip within the city. Tourists can witness the powerful yet incredibly soothing ambiance that the Magwa Waterfall makes for.

The waterfall is soothing to the eyes and the best way to relax. It is said to closely resemble the Victoria falls in Zimbabwe. The waterfall is 144 meters high and drops into a narrow canyon. The special part is that the canyon is made by the seismic movement. Owing to the fact that is designed by the natural movements of the Earth makes it the ideal spot to witness the beauty of nature and everything that exists within.

Visitors can take a walk in the tea estate and witness the aroma of freshly picked and brewed tea. It is one of the things to do around Mthatha.

13. Mthatha Plaza

Mthatha Plaza

South Africa doesn’t just depend on its vast array of beautiful wildlife to entertain and impress tourists. The Mthatha Plaza is known to be the hub for any shopping-related activities that the tourists might want to indulge in. It is one of the town’s best places to hang out and to grab a cup of coffee. It is an all-time hangout place for youngsters.

It has a small shopping complex, where you can run errands for your trip. You can find checkers, music, debonair, and fish & chips shop here. Along with that, The Mthatha plaza also houses various other restaurants and eating points which are known to serve delicious authentic South African dishes.

The best time to visit Mthatha is from May to December. May is the beginning of winters in South Africa. It has summer months during November to February, while July to November is the best time for whale watching. This proves that there are several things to do in Mthatha that will catch your interest. So, what are you waiting for, grab your tickets now for an incredible vacation in South Africa.

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Soon Tawang Will Be Just A Train Ride Away With This Strategic Railway Line

The dream of many travelers to take an adventure trip to Tawang will soon come true as Indian Railways is planning to expand railway connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh. The proposed railway lines—Bhalukpong-Tenga-Tawang (378 km), North Lakhimpur-Bame-Aalo-Silapathar (247.85 km) and Pasighat-Tezu-Parsuram Kund-Rupai (227 km) will improve connectivity to northern and eastern frontiers of Arunachal Pradesh. The project was discussed when Union Minister of State for Railways Rajen Gohain met a team of NFR along with Chief Minister Pema Khandu to review the status of railway projects in the state.

A statement issued by Pema Khandu said, “The officials informed that Northeastern Frontier Railways is taking up the Bhalukpung-Tenga-Tawang railway line on priority due to its strategic importance.”

At a height of 10,000 feet, nearly 80% of railway line would pass through tunnels. In order to reduce the distance, Indian Railways have suggested two-lane roads along the tunnels to be built on the line.

Rajen Gohain was quoted in the report saying that, once the survey is completed and formalities are cleared, the Bhalukpung-Tenga-Tawang line is likely to be ready in 6-7 years.

Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha said, “The railway line will also help from the security point of view besides accelerating socio-economic development of the people.”

Tawang, which located at an elevation of 10,000 ft to the east of Bhutan, is not only a sacred site for Buddhists but also a popular destination among travelers. The Bumla Pass, which is only 37 km from Tawang, marks the India-China border.