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3 Marvellous Places To Visit Near The Yoga Barn Bali With Family

If you are someone seeking escape to a dreamland? Bali is the perfect holiday destination for you. It stands out to provide all one could even ask for. From ancient temples, and mystical monuments to white sand beaches and scenic coastlines, it offers us all. Among all, one such alluring venue to experience spiritual solace is the Yoga Barn. And if that is not enough, look for places to visit near the Yoga Barn Bali with family.

Right in the heart of ubud, Yoga Barn is a heavenly hotspot in the province of Indonesia. It was marvellously established with a sole motive to get together people, worldwide. The artistically crafted complex exhibits Balinese feels and vibes. As witnessed, travellers from all over the world host around the promised land is large numbers, every year. One could simple find every kind of yoga classes and workshops here. As known, it offers the guests with enormous yoga styles, including Vinyasa flow, Classical Hatha, Kundalini, Anusara, Meditation, Power, and a lot more. Adding up to the endless facilities, it is renowned to welcome every other person, be it amateurs or professionals for exercising yoga, meditation, and therapies.

If you are on a Bali getaway with your life partner, then it is the ideal location for you to be at. Moreover, while you are exploring the popular Yoga Barn, look forward at various other exciting places to visit, such as Eco Paradise Bambu Indah, Taman Inspirasi Mertasari, and Serambi Arts Antida. For all the nature lovers, Eco Paradise Bambu Indah is a divine place to visit in the center of Ubud. The lush green surroundings along with mesmerizing views is sure a treat to sore eyes. And if you are not into natural upbringing, here is what you got to do. Stop wondering and start hoping around the most lively place, Serambi Arts of Antida. It is an astounding location for one to witness the rich contemporary art and culture of the balinese in all its glory. Taman Inspirasi Mertasari is also a manifestation of the charms of Bali. It is one of the most serene beaches to lay back and unwind yourself while gazing at the silent sea and picturesque seascapes.

We have provided to you a list of mind blowing places to visit near the Yoga Barn Bali with family. Check these out!

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1. Eco Paradise Bambu Indah

Eco Paradise Bambu Indah


For the nature lovers in love, Eco Paradise Bambu Indah is the quintessential venue for the wedding. This eco-friendly resort is based in the lush-green rainforests surrounding Ubud, Bambu Indah. The accommodation in this resort is in the energy efficient, restored antique Javanese teak wood houses. Even the pool is naturally cleansed with the lava rocks that surround it. The resort has various beautiful undisturbed venues including riverside surrounded by palm trees or the deck at the edge of the cliff.

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2. Serambi Arts Antida



This is a popular art space and venue where arts and music enthusiasts gather. Serambi Arts Antida is dedicated to developing and promoting Balis local communities contemporary art and culture. If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy live music by local artists and a place to enjoy contemporary Balinese art and culture, there is no place like Serambi Arts Antida. It features a caf- that serves superb food and drinks and also offers free Wi-Fi. If you want to experience Denpasar nightlife that is more laid back, head over to this amazing venue.

Opening Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm
Location: Jalan Waribang 32, Kesiman, Denpasar

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3. Taman Inspirasi Mertasari



Also known as Sandy Beach, Taman Inspirasi Mertasari is a beautiful stretch of beach that is quiet and tranquil. It is the perfect place for a tranquil time after a hectic morning of seeing the sights or shopping. It is one of the best beaches in Denpasar Bali to wait for dusk and the sunset. The beach has a theme park, making it a great place to take the kids if you are on a family vacation. You can enjoy camel rides and get access to gorgeous spots perfect for Instagram pictures.

Distance from Denpasar: 11.1 kms via Jl. Raya Sesetan

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As now you are aware of all the places to visit near the Yoga Barn Bali with family, think no longer and plan a holiday in Bali. Happy Travelling!

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13 Things To Do In Mthatha To Know What African Culture Is All About

South Africa is considered as the paradise for the flora and fauna of the world. Along with being the safe haven for the wondrous creations of nature, South Africa is also the ideal place to experience mankind’s rich and progressive history. If you want to experience these things in the best way, you cannot find a better place than Mthatha.

The city has the best of the accommodations, from cheap prices to high-end hotels. Excellent services are provided during the stay. There are various guides and travel agencies to help in giving a tour in and around Mthatha. Along with a convenient array for the ideal accommodations, Mthatha is a city that is brimming with an innumerable of once-in-a-lifetime sights as it acts as the sanctuary and homes to exotic species of flora and fauna.

Mthatha is imbued with the purest essence of the South African nation. The city is intricately set alongside the banks of the river Mtata. The city has clean and calm beaches for those long walks and an unforgettable coastal hike. You can get engaged in various things to do in Mthatha, as there are majestic cliffs and grassy hilltops, nature reserves and an old long museum of South Africa’s most famous president, Nelson Mandela.

We have curated a list of some of the best things to do in Mthatha. Read along the article to know more on the interesting activities you can indulge yourself in while exploring around this town of Mthatha.

1. Wall Hiking Trail

Wall Hiking Trail

With sandy beaches and beautiful mangrove swamps, cliffy hills and amazing caves, the hole in the walking hiking trail is one of the must things to do in Mthatha. The trail is a new twist to usual coastal hikes. This hiking trail is as historically significant as it is beautiful as it built on the foundation of an abandoned gold mine. The trail still retains its historical essence even after several decades as the hikers can still see the remains of what once was an extensively populated gold mine.

The trail starts from a pretty seaside village of Presley’s Bay. Then through the coffee bay beach and then ends in the cave of Dolerite cliffs. Climb down the cave and reach the ANC cadres fully stashed arms hailing the city during the time of liberation struggle. Consider yourself lucky if you find the whales and dolphins swimming and playing in the water in tandem.

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2. Hluleka Wildlife Reserve Trails

Hluleka Wildlife Reserve Trails

The Hluleka nature reserve is paradise to the nature lovers. There are well-laid footpaths, suitable to take a walk. Through the beautiful forests of stink ebony, the rocky coastline, and the sandy beaches you can find absolute respite.

The flora and fauna are at its peak here. Take note of the Burchell’s Zebras, spotted genets, blue wildebeest roaming in the forest.there are cape parrots, ground hornbill, African finfoot sitting on the branches, stop to click amazing pictures of them. The Hluleka Wildlife Reserve Trails stands as one of the elements that justify South Africa’s reputed title for being a sanctuary for all things natural.

3. Mdumbi River Kayak

Mdumbi River Kayak

Drift in the clear waters of the Mdumbi River by a kayak and witness the most spectacular swarms of jellyfish, or catch the kingfishers swooping into the water. Through the swamps take a look at the nature’s most beautiful creations.

The Mdumbi River Kayak is the ideal choice if one wishes to witness the beauty of the oceanic scenic views that South African county has in stores for visitors. Along with various awe-inspiring oceanic sights, the kayaking trail is enclosed with an overwhelming family of fauna as they guide the path ahead towards the destination.

4. Coffee Bay Beach

Coffee Bay Beach

Coffee Bay Beach starts from the freely flowing Nenga River and it is backed by grassy hills and cliff faces. The beach is clean, serene, and fantastic for those evening walks. There is a hiking trail through it and you can do horse riding along the shore.

Take a walk alongside the beach to unwind at the day’s end. This is the ideal spot if one wishes to relieve themselves from the mundane routine of everyday life. You can witness the wondrous oceanic sights as you sip on your preferred choice of beverage.

5. Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve

Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve

Take time off the hustle and bustle of the city crowd in the reserves of Dwesa and Cwebe. These two reserves lie on either side of the River Mbashe. Less known to the people this is a quiet and less crowded place. The reserves protect the inter-tidal and marine environment.

Along with being the nexus for the endangered species, it also serves as the ideal candidate if one wishes to experience the beauty of nature first-hand. The reserves boast of birdlife comprising of over 290 species of birds. Take a walk along the coast to see the beauty of nature. Hikers can mark it in their activities to do in Mthatha.

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6. Second Beach

Second Beach

Rejuvenate yourself by taking a dip in the waters of Port St. Johns second beach. Go for a run or play volleyball in the sands. Go for The Gap and Blowhole near the beach. It is one of the popular places among the tourists.

There is ladder through a narrow gap which can prove to be quite adventurous. Walking through a distance there is a blowhole at the edge of the ocean on a black rock. The water rushing out of the rock and then crashing against them is pure satisfaction to your aesthetic senses.

7.Bird’s Nest Hike

Bird's Nest Hike

Near the Second Beach is an indigenous forest that holds the most spectacular view of the town. Hike through the forest witness the view that is offered and up to the airstrip. There are various accommodations near it for you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Added to that, tourists can take a hike and experience the fauna co-existing within their respective optimum conditions.

8. Nelson Mandela Museum

Nelson Mandela Museum

Take a tour through the museum to know about the life of world famous leader Nelson Mandela. Loved and respected all over the world, for his work and vision. The museum was opened in 2000, and it was Nelson Mandela’s vision to open it for the enrichment of the people of Mthatha. This attraction is a must-visit for anyone who is curious about world-famous leaders and about the impact they had on the world through their legacy.

The museum features a wide collection of pictures and exhibitions that are dedicated to the work and passions of reputed leader that was Nelson Mandela. The museum stands as a tribute to the works and ideas of Nelson Mandela. Tourists can visit the museum from Monday to Friday during any hours between 9AM and 4PM.

9. So What Lounge

So What Lounge

Unwind yourself at this comfortable party place. Known to have the most ravishing parties in the town. The place is located at a non-residential area, so the parties go up-till morning. visit the place to dance to the beats and indulge in the city culture. There is a spacious dance floor, private lounge and pool tables.

The place is perfect for anyone who wants to lose themselves within crowds and loud music. It also serves as the hub to meet and interact with new people around the city. The So What Lounge also serves as the perfect getaway from the mundane as they have the opportunity to sip on their preferred drink of choice while munching on delicious South African delicacies.

10. Madiba Trail

Madiba Trail

The hike in the Madiba Trail is one of the things to do in Mthatha. The trail leads to Qunu where Nelson Mandela grew up and then past the University of Fort Hare, where he studied. The Mathatha dam is located along the trail, ideal for outdoor activities and picnics with family and children.

A wonderful way for fishing and bird watching. The trail serves as an all-purpose hike for experiencing the beauty and significance of the South African city. Not only does it acts as grounds that imbues the history of South Africa but also as the spot where the tourists can experience wondrous natural scenic sights as they witness the flora and fauna co-existing in perfect harmony within the trail. Tourists can spend their day with their family in the Madiba trail and indulge in various activities such as camping and fishing to make cherishable memories with their families.

11. Kwelera National Botanical Garden

Kwelera National Botanical Garden

It is a conservation garden, promoting biodiversity among the locals as well as the tourists. You can spot various less known birds like Knysna turaco, or an emerald spotted wood dove. Visitors can spot various species of bird that they probably have never seen before. The Kwelera National Botanical Garden acts as the breeding ground for some of the most exotic species of bird kind.

12. Magwa Waterfall

Magwa Waterfall

A 50- minute drive from Port St. Johns will lead you to the Magwa Waterfalls, located in the middle of the Magwa tea plantation. It serves as the ideal spot to unwind during a long trip within the city. Tourists can witness the powerful yet incredibly soothing ambiance that the Magwa Waterfall makes for.

The waterfall is soothing to the eyes and the best way to relax. It is said to closely resemble the Victoria falls in Zimbabwe. The waterfall is 144 meters high and drops into a narrow canyon. The special part is that the canyon is made by the seismic movement. Owing to the fact that is designed by the natural movements of the Earth makes it the ideal spot to witness the beauty of nature and everything that exists within.

Visitors can take a walk in the tea estate and witness the aroma of freshly picked and brewed tea. It is one of the things to do around Mthatha.

13. Mthatha Plaza

Mthatha Plaza

South Africa doesn’t just depend on its vast array of beautiful wildlife to entertain and impress tourists. The Mthatha Plaza is known to be the hub for any shopping-related activities that the tourists might want to indulge in. It is one of the town’s best places to hang out and to grab a cup of coffee. It is an all-time hangout place for youngsters.

It has a small shopping complex, where you can run errands for your trip. You can find checkers, music, debonair, and fish & chips shop here. Along with that, The Mthatha plaza also houses various other restaurants and eating points which are known to serve delicious authentic South African dishes.

The best time to visit Mthatha is from May to December. May is the beginning of winters in South Africa. It has summer months during November to February, while July to November is the best time for whale watching. This proves that there are several things to do in Mthatha that will catch your interest. So, what are you waiting for, grab your tickets now for an incredible vacation in South Africa.

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Planning A Sikkim Trip On Budget? Know How To Make It Affordable Yet Awesome Like We Did!

With its floors being covered by fierce mountains, serene lakes, luxuriant foliage, homely villages, and extremely warm locals, Sikkim is a destination that leaves every traveler awestruck. Housing an extensive number of Buddhist monasteries along, the calm and tranquil aura of this beautiful state appeals to any and every kind of tourist, irrespective of their budgets. For those seeking to get closer to the marvels of mother nature, Sikkim is certainly a place to be. This is what made Nikhil and his wife’s head for a Sikkim trip on budget. The beauty of this small town in the country cannot be justified in words. The picturesque landscapes, alluring roads, and scrumptious cuisines amalgamate with other features in making this destination seem right out of a storybook. Read through this handbook and take a journey of marvelous experiences encountered by Nikhil along with his wife.

Sikkim had been on our bucket list for a long time now. The naturescapes, forest-clad hills and pleasant weather had always appealed to us. We finally had an opportunity to take a trip to this beautiful place, so we grabbed it then and there. Our main concern was finding an impeccable Sikkim itinerary for a family but in a budget that would not burn a hole in our pockets. After coming across TravelTriangle, we knew we didn’t have to worry about this any longer. Making sure that we didn’t face any kind of hurdles, TravelTriangle connected us with a local agent who took care of everything we needed. Taking a Sikkim trip on budget was a dream that came true. Apart from the agent, the locals of Sikkim have our hearts. The friendly and extremely warm people of Sikkim were simply a cherry on top.

Trip Type: Family trip
Cost: INR 52,500
No. Of People: 2 Adults
Duration: 7 Night and 8 Days
Inclusions: Breakfast, All Three-Meals in Lachung, Private Cab, Taxes, Candlelight dinner, Accommodation
Exclusions: Insurance, Entry Charges, Rafting Charges, Lunch & Dinner, Room Service, Airfare

Day 1: Arrival in Gangtok, leisure day
Day 2: Sightseeing (Tsomgo Lake, Kyongnosla, Baba Mandir), overnight stay at Gangtok
Day 3: Drive to Lachung, sightseeing on the way
Day 4: Sightseeing at Yumthang Valley, drive to Gangtok
Day 5: Drive to Pelling, sightseeing on the way, overnight stay at Pelling
Day 6: Sightseeing at Pelling, drive to Darjeeling, overnight stay at Darjeeling
Day 7: Sightseeing at Darjeeling
Day 8: Departure

We took our Sikkim trip on budget in April and it was everything we had expected and more. Experiencing the beginning of the summer season in Sikkim was extremely overwhelming. Sun shining in patches with heavy rain in some areas and snow in some, we encountered an experience of a lifetime. In fact, the list of places to visit in Sikkim in April never ends. From Yumthang Valley to Rumtek Monastery, we had an opportunity to witness everything at their best. The temperature usually ranged between 5℃ to 25℃, so advise that one definitely carries heavy jackets and sweaters along!

Here are some of the experiences that we encountered on our extraordinary trip to Sikkim. These are the experiences and moments that would always remain close to our hearts for sure.

1. Tsomgo Lake: Experienced Our First Snowfall

picturesque views of the lake

wonder to see the lake

experiencing beauty of the place

Witnessing the snow-clad mountains

With continuous rain on the day prior to our visit to this glacial lake, all we could do was just pray for dry weather. But once we stepped near the lake, we could see the grounds covered in white and snowflakes pouring down. It was certainly a sight to behold. The picturesque views curated by the wonders of mother nature surrounding the Tsomgo lake took our hearts away in an instant! If you are wondering what to do in Sikkim, experiencing snowfall in such a manner should definitely be on top of the list.

2. Seven Sister Waterfalls: Soaked In The Refreshing Aura

witness the waterfall

the river symbolized the seven sisters

Our drive to Lachung from Gangtok left both of us in awe. The lush greens surrounding the roads, mesmerizing views from the viewpoint, and magical waterfalls made our journey to Lachung extremely relaxing. The beauty of the mountains covered with trees was certainly overwhelming. We took stops at a lot of waterfalls that helped us release our fatigue like nothing else and refreshed our minds.

3. Buddhist Monastery: Embraced The Essence Of Peacefulness

experience the peacfulness in the monsatries

Visiting the Buddhist Monasteries

an amazing view of the snow covered mountains

Getting hands-on experience with other religions and cultures has always been one of our favorite things to do. Visiting the Buddhist Monastery in Pelling was one such experience. The peacefulness and tranquility surrounding that location can not be compared to any other aura. To add to the experience, the vibrant colors of the structure was surely a feast for our eyes. This was one of our favorite activities to do in Sikkim.

4. Ropeway: Witnessed Darjeeling From Up High In The Sky

Paying a visit to ropeway

getting the perfect view of the mountains

magnificent landscapes views

extremely relaxing and mesmerizing view of the place

When someone asks us about how to spend 7 days in Sikkim, we have just one answer- do not rush it. Adding Darjeeling with Sikkim when traveling to the Northeast is worth spending every dime. Paying a visit to ropeway is one experience that should surely be on the list of things to do in Darjeeling. Witnessing the snow-clad mountains, miniatures of the town and the expansive patches of greenery at a glance simply took our breaths away.

5. Toy Train: Hugged The Inner Child In Us

enjoying the ride

get the view of the valley

our ride on the toy train in Darjeeling

witness the beautiful sunset view

Both I and my wife jumped with excitement when we got the tickets for our ride on the toy train in Darjeeling. Sitting in the train with magnificent landscapes passing by, fresh and pleasant breeze brushing through our hair and the essence of calmness suddenly surrounding us, we could not help but be grateful for the blessings of mother nature.

experience some ancient artifacts

The accommodations that we were assigned were all extremely comfortable and felt home-like. The hotels that we stayed in had ample facilities and services that made everything more convenient and stable. Many of these hotels were very cool places to stay in Sikkim that made our experience even better. There were four different hotels that we resided in on our Sikkim trip on budget.

The places to stay in west Sikkim took our breath away. Sumit Newa Regency in Pelling was surrounded by lush greens and waking up to the beautiful views of the mountains made us want to stay there forever. There were amazing places to stay in North Sikkim as well. Residing in Mandala Retreat in Lachung was everything we had hoped for and more. Udaan Woodberry Hotel And Spa in Gangtok and Zambala Retreat in Darjeeling were no less as well. In all four hotels, the managers and staff welcomed us with warm hearts and friendly faces. Moreover, the food served in the restaurants of these hotels was to die for!

There were many places where one can shop their hearts out when in Sikkim and that too at the rates that won’t burn a hole in the pockets, but we shopped till our feet hurt in Darjeeling. Being home to an extensive number of fascinating markets, Darjeeling is every shopper’s paradise. The winter clothing available on sale in this destination is a must-buy. There is an impeccable variety of shawls, sweaters, jackets, and other apparel that will make one escape the cold winds of the Northeast.

Take a look at these pointers that one should make a note of when going on a Sikkim trip on budget.

  • Make sure you add all the famous attractions and landmarks in your itinerary in order to avoid missing out on important attractions.
  • Make sure you have first aid kit readily available as the cold temperatures can hamper with your health.
  • If you are planning to visit Ropeway, it is advised you plan your schedule according to the timings of the ride.
  • Taking a ride on the toy train should definitely be a part of your plan.
  • Important documents that are required to travel around in Sikkim only includes your Aadhaar card and driving license. You can leave your original passport back at home.
  • Spend a minimum of 7 days in Sikkim to cover all the major spots. Do not try and rush it as you might miss out on significant things.

clicked the moments with the nature wonders

Our experience with TravelTriangle was extremely wonderful. From the bookings and planning the itinerary to roaming around the town, everything was hassle-free and went butter smooth. The local agent assigned to us was also extremely helpful. He helped us track down my bag that I had misplaced immediately after he got a call from us. Moreover, we wanted a long getaway but on a minimal budget. It seemed impossible at first, but TravelTriangle took care of everything. We had a wonderful time in Sikkim well under our budget.

Q1. What is Sikkim famous for?

A. Sikkim is a destination that has been blessed by mother nature. The surrounding vibes of peace and tranquility are enough to make one feel de-stressed and rejuvenated. Sikkim is also a famous destination for pilgrims by virtue of numerous places of worship covering its floors.

Q2. Which part of Sikkim is most beautiful?

A. The most beautiful part of Sikkim is the Yumthang Valley.

Q3. When can we see snow in Nathula Pass?

A. The two months when one can experience snow in Nathula Pass are November and March. The route is mostly open during these two months and one can enjoy the snow-covered land to the fullest.

Q4. What is the famous dress of Sikkim?

A.The traditional attire worn by the ethnic Sikkimese men is Bakhu with a pair of loose trousers and a leather belt. Whereas ethnic Sikkimese women belt this outfit over a full-sleeved silk blouse that is known as honju.

Sikkim, a destination that is not like any other hides experiences that one should witness at least once in their lifetime. Fierce mountains, stunning lush greenery, pleasant weather, and the magical waterfalls are bound to make any traveler fall in love with itself at first sight. Sikkim is blessed with mother nature and helps every traveler rejuvenate on their escapades. Plan your Sikkim trip on budget now and soak in the alluring beauty of mother nature now!

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3 Fascinating Places To Visit Near Lake Bratan Bali In March To Have A Memorable Holiday

Bali has taken place in everyone’s heart after the release of the superhit biographical romantic drama film, “Eat. Pray. Love.” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is an understatement that Bali is one of the best romantic places in the world. It surely stands out to be a paradise in Indonesia ideal for all kinds of trips, be it with friends, family or life partner. Among many captivating tourist hotspots, Lake Bratan is one of the most visited places in Bali. If you are wandering around the bewitching lake, do not miss out the places to visit near Lake Bratan Bali in March.

If you are seeking a vibrant and lively place to spend an exciting vacation, then March is the perfect time of the year for you to travel to Bali. According to the researchers, it is largely crowded by travellers being the peak season for getaways. One intends to escape to this promised land to rejoice in the Mayong Trekking Experience strolling through the village of Mayong, head to Desa Seni for some yoga, and visit Museum Pasifika admiring Indonesian artworks. Jimbaran Bay Beach and Pasir Putih are extremely famous places among the trotters and locals of Bali followed by Lake Bratan.

Lake Bratan is one of the glorious tourist destinations situated in Tabanan regency of Indonesia. The scenic place offers astonishing attractions, including beautiful beaches, lakes, paddy rice fields, volcanic views, waterfalls, tropical forests, and underwater vistas. Ulun Danu Bratan temple is a major highlight of the place located on the rainbow of shores of Lake Bratan near Bedugul, Bali. The ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvathi, his consort outspreading Balinese Hinduism in the region. One may gaze at the captivating view of tranquil temple floating on the surface of the popular Lake Beratan as the fresh lake water rises. Do explore the alluring destination and various other places nearby, including Ayung River, Denpasar, and Gunung Catur.

Before planning an escading tour to Bali, check out the places to visit near Lake Bratan Bali in March with your travel partners. Do not miss them out!

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1. Ayung River


This river is famous for its white waters and therefore this is one place you cannot miss out on while planning kayaking in Bali! Go up and down the rapids, enjoy the swirls in the water and get an adrenaline rush as the water level goes high and low. Apart from this, you will get to witness the lush jungle, animals, waterfalls and a lot more while kayaking in this river. It is definitely one of the best places for Kayaking in Ubud, Bali.

Price: Starting From INR 6447

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2. Denpasar


The capital city of Bali, Denpasar is a beautiful and charming place. Boasting of white sand Sanur beach, most photogenic sunrise vistas and heritage temples and monuments, Denpasar overjoys every honeymoon.

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. Gunung Catur


This happens to be Balis fourth highest peak and has a vertical altitude of 2,096 meters. Gunung Catur is located to the east of Lake Bratan and at the highest point along the rim of the Bedugul Caldera in the Tabanan Regency. The mountain is densely covered in thick forests and you can hire a local guide to take you around the place. It takes around 3 hours to reach the summit if the trekking is started from Gua Jepang.

The sunrise here is a bliss and totally worth the climb. An early morning climb also gives you the chance to have a spectacular view of the location before the clouds set in.

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The Indonesian Island, Bali has never proven out to be a disappointment. Once you have explored all the places to visit near Lake Bratan Bali in March, walk through the vibrant streets of the Island of the Gods and get mesmerized by the heavenly kingdom. So, Plan a trip to Bali running away from the bustling city life of yours.

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11 Things To Do In George That Makes It An Ideal Holiday Destination

Visitors will get lost in the magnificence of South Africa, especially, amongst the fascinating spots to visit in this country is George. Explorers will never miss the opportunity of finding attractive things to do in George as this alluring town has a lot to offer such as feasting, hiking, shopping and significantly more. Aside from the tranquil timberlands, golden shorelines, pristine lakes, and panoramic passes, George in South Africa also consistently offers a various range of remarkable activities. What’s more, those hunting down some simple, quiet and serenity can too find here the spot for themselves.

From milder family orientated activities to extraordinary activities, you are spoilt for a choice here! With this blog post, we’ll reveal all the things you should do while visiting George, South Africa. Here’s our bucket list for vacation in George.

1. The Outeniqua Power Van

The Outeniqua Power Van

An unquestionable visit for all those who adore traveling in rail to enjoy the scenic route. As those voyagers can take delight in the sheer excellence of the Outeniqua Mountains during the rail journey here. This exceptional rail trip in two little carriages gives you a complete opportunity to see the beauty and landscape of the territory, going through six tunnels on the upwards track through woodland as well as past Fynbos, proteas, wildlife, and cascades.

The Outeniqua Transport Museum works as the departure and arrival center, and in fact this exhibition hall itself deserves to be visited while here. It houses a broad range of steam engines and carriages and allows the visitors long hours of discovery and appeal while the youngsters can appreciate a ride on a little steam train as well. Bookings are necessary for the Outeniqua Power Van with time of departure relying on the season.

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2. The Seven Passes Drive

The Seven Passes Drive

One of the awesome things to do in the George territory that all the visitor should add in their itinerary is to drive through the Seven Passes from George to Knysna. The Seven Passes Road was constructed somewhere in the between 1867 and 1882 under the direction of Thomas Bain – who is one of South Africa’s most well-known road engineer. This beautiful old road used to be the Garden Route’s primary highway – yet today it’s only a peaceful country path that presents the absolute most elating driving trip in the nation. When near the Garden Route area, we recommend it to be a must to do activity in George!

3. Victoria Bay

Victoria Bay

In case that you might desire to spend the time at the shoreline area, this neighborhood inlet – is surely the best choice! On any coastline in the planet, we challenge you to locate seaside swimming that can compare with the majesty, surfing, and swimming characteristics of Vic Bay! With just a couple of houses, it is a non-business shoreline and as per the climate the most elite spot. Green grass to lie on, fantastic surf, whales view in season, dolphins all year, what else do you need to make your beach visit an ideal one!

Also, the dawn at Vic Bay isn’t to be missed. The east-bound bay catches this minute impeccably amid the fresh sea. You can’t portray sunrise to people the view you get here – you simply need to absorb it and watch as the day unfurls into another image show of vibrancy. It is comprehensible why individuals love this place so much, it’s a personal vibe, relatively like a group of surf dudes and babes, of any age even increasing its worth. That is Vic Bay for you!

4. Garden Route Horse Trails

Garden Route Horse Trails

Love horse riding or want to give it a try, this one’s for you! The garden route horse trails available in the Garden Route National Park and its prompt encompasses close Wilderness. You will find here a lot of well-trained horses, and they are picked as per the individual preferences and capabilities of the riders. The ideal pace of the horses, their power and their capability to adapt the ground make them the perfect voyaging mates and transport sources. Guests are certainly going to cherish the personal association with these magnificent creatures as they wander through the farmland with an expert guide.

There are various trails to enjoy your horse-riding endeavor. The hour and a half ride to experience the gum tree wood, while the two-hour ride takes riders farther into the pine woods. The longest trail here, which takes around three hours to finish, comprise a break at the tumbling falls of the cascade. Chill, have a dip and relish a few refreshments in the core of the woods after a long ride. You are allowed to bring your very own drinks and snacks as well.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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5. Dolphin Paragliding

Dolphin Paragliding

Situated in the core of the Garden Route South Africa, Dolphin Paragliding has a fantastic security record and gives tandem flights, gear sales, courses, and additionally the equipment and guiding rental to guarantee just the best flights to the visitors. If you’re adventure lover, you should not let this chance go out of your hands. Tandem flying is fun, simple, and safe. In almost no time you could be flying like a hawk.

6. Redberry Farm

Redberry Farm

In case that you are searching for a fun and unique outing, there is nothing that matches the Redberry Farm activity along the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa. Redberry Farm is a famous tourist destination in George, Africa. People head to the Redberry Farm for the country life and handpicking berry experience. There is a wide assortment of family and kids’ activities, diners and a homestead farm stall with grand perspectives of the country landscape as well as encompassing mountains giving a perfect setting.

Beside from handpicking strawberry other family activities here comprise of the biggest permanent hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere which owns seven secret strawberry stations, a 25m long underground passage, and different amazements for visitors. Also, the Redberry Express mini train rides around the strawberry farms and a pedal go-cart track will keep the kids entertained. Kids will also appreciate the outdoor wooden play area, pony rides, bubble ball, pedal boats, and bumper boats on the ranch dam.

7. Redberry Farm Tea Plant

Redberry Farm Tea Plant

There is also a Redberry Farm tea plant at Redberry Farm that has a beautiful countryside backdrop on the lavish yards with perspectives of the kids’ play area and gardens. The relishing menu served here consists of strawberry-oriented food as well as sweet treats, breakfast, and casual lunch menu. The ranch stall has a choice of specific strawberry items, a deli, hand-crafted decor, and strawberry souvenir.

Drench yourself in the majestic perspective of the Outeniqua Mountains and take in the farm magnificence while you make the most of your fresh treats from the farm. Lunch platters and the notorious coffee or tea and scenery combination are also accessible for group events on booking.

8. Outeniqua Nature Reserve

Outeniqua Nature Reserve

Renowned for the perfect indigenous forest in the nation, there are numerous hikes one can opt for all through the length of the Garden Route. Amongst the most spectacular ones is the multi-day 109km Outeniqua trail from George to Harkerville. If you do not have several days to spend on this hiking trail, then you can go for a short walk along the beginning of the hiking route from the Beervlei Hut till the Windmeulnek Hut. It should be possible as one-day hiking trip, or you can also go in the forest just to take delight of the sounds of the woodland and looking up at transcending yellowwoods.

9. House of Flavor

House of Flavor

The House of Flavor is the most loved retreat situated in the core of George. As one of the principal Western Cape towns along the Garden Route, George is famous among voyagers and has a vast populace of local people, every one of whom appreciates relishing the delectable dishes of the House of Flavor. You will also enjoy the serene ambiance and friendly hospitality of this amicable spot.

You will find an impressive menu of breakfast, sandwiches and light snacks, and also heartier meals like barbequed meats and prawns at this eatery. There are additionally delicious desserts that run superbly with the incredible quality of espresso that describes House of Flavor.

10. Montagu Pass

Montagu Pass

Montagu Pass was hand sculptured by Henry White during the 1800s to link the inland towns of South Africa and the ports of Indian Ocean to the Karoo. The pass is a dirt road with great perspectives and a wide assortment of flora and fauna, which connects George to Oudtshoorn across the Outeniqua Mountains. Offering a picturesque drive, the pass is a definite suggestion for the road trip lovers. The drive will take around an hour through the Outeniqua Mountains.

11. Wilderness Beach

Wilderness Beach

Wilderness beach is pristine, safe and stunningly lovely. Warm Indian Ocean waves smash onto this sandy golden shoreline that extends for apparently unlimited kilometers. Time nearly stops as the hour’s sneak past while you meander and appreciate this beachfront Eden and the surrounding creatures. It’s a decent spot for both dolphin and whale viewing. There is a town near the location which generally serves to travelers and is arranged on the Touw River Lagoon. Go for a long walk, visit the Millwood Crafts Village or unwind at one of the lovely Local Restaurants. The place is perfect for a laid-back day in George.

Regardless of whether you are anticipating to have a trip to George coming month or one year from now, the place has several things to satisfy vacation goals of every visitor. There is so much good and impressive to do in this wonderful city that you will be glad to visit this place. So plan a trip to South Africa and head to George for a fantastic holiday.

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Batticaloa Restaurants: 6 Best Places To Satisfy Your Gastronomic Urge

With a tropical atmosphere and beautiful coastal sea beaches set in the country’s dry zone, Batticaloa is an emerging tourist destination in Sri Lanka. In Western countries, you might have switched to food to suit your fast-paced lifestyles but on the other hand, the Batticaloa cuisine depicts the slow pace of life here. Spices must be ground together, coconuts have to be grated or scraped and firewood must be carried into the kitchen to stock the fire upon which curries are cooked slowly. This city has some really good restaurants that can uplift your mood with delicious food and a vibrant ambiance.

Normally a Sri Lankan meal consists of a main curry and rice, along with several other vegetable dishes or curries. While side-dishes include pickle, chutney, and sambol, the most popular of these is the coconut sambol. However, here are some of the best Batticaloa restaurants that you must visit.

1. Riviera Crab Cavana Restaurant

A crab dish in a restaurant

Riviera Crab Cabana one of the top restaurants in Batticaloa, which offers a dining room where the local dishes on the menu are freshly prepared every day to order. The restaurant is very famous for Batticaloa lagoon Crab curry, prawn curry, and cashew curry. There is a bar at Riviera Resort which offers a host of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There are open cabanas, balconies, shady enclaves and waterfront sit out the area where the guests can kick back and relax with a drink and freshly prepared fruit juices. This restaurant is located on New Dutch Bar Road in Kallady.
Timings: 12pm – 3pm and 5pm – 10pm
Meal Prices: INR 350 – 1000

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2. RN Buffet & Take Away

A traditional buffet set on table in a restaurant

If you want to have Sri Lankan food in Batticaloa, you must visit this restaurant. A wonderful find, this hyper-busy little olive-colored eatery, run by a delightful, industrious couple, has an excellent takeaway section popular with office workers. The veggie/meat meals are available at Rs 120/200. There is a buffet restaurant in the upstairs. The lunchtime buffet consists of fish, chicken and lots of vegetarian dishes. It is situated on 42 Covington Road in Puliyanthivu.
Timings: 7.30am – 6pm
Meal Prices: Rs 150 – 650

3. Tomato Restaurant

A lamb dish served in a plate

When the tropical heat becomes too much, the sanctity of air-conditioned Tomato is refreshingly welcome. This refined Batticaloa restaurant provides international food. Here you can get Western food (pasta, sandwiches, salads, seafood and grilled lamb chops) as well as northern Indian specials from the tandoori oven (after 6pm), including naan bread and tikkas. No alcohol is served here, but there is a good choice of juices. The address of this restaurant is 136 Trinco Road, New Town and it serves food to people from.
Timings: 10am – 10.30pm
Meal Prices: Rs. 300 – Rs. 650

4. Euro Veg Restaurant

A veg fried rice platter

This is another place where you can enjoy Sri Lankan food in Batticaloa. Eating here is a full sensory experience as the food has some spicy dash. Food items include excellent biryanis, noodles and kotthu (rotti chopped up and mixed with vegetables) served in bright surrounds. It is located on Covington Road in Puliyanthivu. The place remains open from. The prices of the foods are very reasonable which range between.
Timings: 8am – 10pm
Meal Prices: Rs. 180 – Rs. 450

5. Eat Me

A plat of healthy wholesome food

If only they sold T-shirts! This cute little shop-front sells various types of rice and curry in shiny surrounds. Their motto is I’m healthy and tasty. Indeed they are. You can visit this place which is situated on Trinco Road in New Town. They have 12 hours of operation and the prices of the meals are highly affordable.
Timings: 9am – 9pm
Meal Prices: Rs.150 – 400

6. Sun Shine Cafe

A pastry served in a bakery

Sun Shine has quite a reputation, and it is easy to see why. This modern, clean and welcoming place covers all bases with an amazing display of biryanis, curries (try the mutton) and pilau rice, as well as burgers, cakes and snacks (samosas for Rs 25), juices and lassis. The bakery sells good cupcakes. The cafe is located on 136 Trinco Road in New Town.
Timings: 10am – 10pm
Meal Prices: Rs. 180 – 400

The restaurants listed above are some of the finest Batticaloa restaurants where you can taste some of the best and tastiest Sri Lankan as well as international cuisines. Plan a trip to Sri Lanka soon and head to these restaurants in Batticaloa.

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3 Places To Visit Near Neka Art Museum Bali In June For An Exquisite Vacation

Bali is a heavenly land found on the province of Indonesia. It offers a beautiful blend of rich culture, peculiar traditions, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. Although one can witness the unparalleled beauty of the promised land any time of the year, June stands out to be the perfect month to explore it. There are various tourist attractions, including the popular Neka Art Museum in Ubud. If you are strolling across, do check out the places to visit near Neka Art Museum Bali in June as the weather is pretty sorted during that time of the year.

According to the researchers, June is the driest month with cool winds, little rain and a clear sky. Travellers from all over the world visit Bali as it provides a favourable temperature for fun and adventurous activities such as snorkeling, hiking, diving, and much more. One could also have a glimpse of the Balinese cultures at the lavishly celebrated festivals, notably Bali Arts Festival and Kites Festival. In Denpasar, locals decorate the structures with bamboo and coconut leaf banners. In the evening, all of them gather around at the auditorium and perform dances, music and other artforms depicting their diverse traditions and rich culture.

The Neka Art Museum is a beautifully built art museum located in the village of Kedewatan, Ubud on Bali Island. The complex has 6 buildings, each having a different function. The Art museum is widely known to have a collection of paintings and sculptures depicting contemporary Indonesian art in Balinese style garden. A walk through this place turns out to be a journey to the past. If you are a Neophile seeking educational tour, Neka Art Museum in Bali si totally the place for you. While getting enlightened by the history of development of these arts in Bali, do not miss out the places to visit nearby, including Zen Hideaway, Gunung Adeng, and Tanah Lot. You would end up having an extremely exquisite vacation, like none before.

For turning your boring holiday into a heavenly Island tour, look down at the places to visit near Neka Art Museum Bali in June.

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1. Zen Hideaway


A must to-do-thing while in you are in Ubud. Take a swing of faith with a view of the ‘Ayung River’ over the deep valley and forests below you. It is a bit expensive but worth if you can afford it. The Zen Hideaway is located in a village named Bongkasa. The Zen Hideaway swing flies over a dense forest of palm trees. To book a swing you will have to inquire first and you will be provided with available date options. The swing session is only for 30 minutes independent of the number of people on your group, so divide the time in such a manner so that everyone gets the chance.

Location: Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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2. Gunung Adeng


The people of Bali believe that Mount Agung is the abode of Gods. The mother of all the temples in Bali is located on this mountain and is known as Pura Besakih. Mount Agung, the highest point in Bali, is a stratovolcano to the southeast of Mount Batur volcano. This mountain dominates the surrounding area, influences the climate, especially the rainfall patterns of the place. This mountain is conical in shape. Hikers from all over the world come here every year to experience the gorgeous sunrise hike. Although the hike is very high up the difficulty range, it is a lifetime experience.

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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3. Tanah Lot


Among the 7 sea temples each within eyesight of the next, is Tanah Lot Temple. Situated on a large rock, it is one of the most iconic Bali tourist attractions for photography and exoticism.

Things to do: Stroll along the beach; sunbathe; watch the sunset; dine and experiment with the local cuisine
Cant miss: Surfing and swimming

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Wondering about magical hamlets in Bali? We have provided to you a list of the enormous places to visit near Neka Art Museum Bali in June. Now, wonder no more and plan a trip to Bali, straight away. It would surely turn your imaginable experiences into paradise and allow you to hide away in the amusing spots of the celestial city.

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3 Best Bars In Blahbatuh Bali For The Party Lover In You

Late in the evening when the sun settles down, Bali sparks with the magic of many amazing nightclubs and bars where people melt away with the night while dancing, singing and falling in love with the high-spirit of the place. Hence, Along with the tropical viewpoints and beach parties, there is a craze for the exciting nights of Bali as well. Here, we have for you a list of bars in Blahbatuh Bali where you can enjoy a night filled with excitement, joy, and cheer.

Being a small district in Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia, Blahbatuh attracts tourists through its magnetizing beaches and natural sights. The place has amazing views in an offer for its visitors along with some places which glitter through the night. The amazing pubs and bars in Blahbatuh are welcoming and gives provides a pleasant treatment for all of its visitors. So hurry up and check out the list of 3 bars in Blahbatuh which will make your nights unforgettable.

On your tour to Bali, do give a visit to these awesome bars and be captivated by the amazing nightlife that land of gods has in offer for its tourists.

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1. No Mas Ubud


One of the best bars in Ubud, this small and cozy place on the Jalan Monkey Forest Street has cozy interiors and resembles more a pub than nightclub or performance center. The nerve center for broken hearts, No Mas is a cozy place with good beer and cocktails for patrons. Live music here consists of several cover bands doing the Top 40 playlist as well as some death metal bands, so some nights are really loud. Come to this place for a relaxed, chilled out night in Ubud.

Location: Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud
Cost for two: INR 300, INR 40 for one pint of beer

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2. Lovin Bar and Restaurant

Party all night long in Ibiza

The Loving bar and Restaurant is one of the bars in Blahbatuh Bali that offers a great amalgamation of reasonable booze, mouth-watering food, lively music, and friendly staff. Whether you are a local, expats, or tourist, everyone is warmly welcomed at this friendly place. The sprightly aura of this place is something you definitely should not miss as that it is a bar worth checking out!

Location: Jl. Sukma Kesuma No.45, Peliatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia 286
Opening Hours: 7pm–3am

Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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3. Wake Beach Club

Beach Party & Snorkel Cruise At Grand Bahama Island

The Wake Beach Club is known to be a multifaceted place that has all the fun and adventure you need! It includes a Beach Club, Restaurant, Bar, Camping, ATV, Horse Riding, and a bunch of activities to keep you entertained all throughout the day and night. People come here for partying, surfing, and enjoying the events that take place here. The sparkly and exciting aura of the place would make you not want to leave this heavenly club.

Address: Medahan, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 8:30 am – 12 am

These are all the glittering restaurants and bars in Blahbatuh Bali where you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. Give your traveler soul a peaceful break and stop giving second thoughts to the idea of fun. Plan a trip to Bali already, pack up your bags and have a taste of the amazing nightlife which invites people from every corner of the world. Hurry up!

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5 Exciting Things To Do in Matara For A Fantastic Sri Lankan Holiday Experience

Matara is much more than your average commercial town hosting branches of reputed companies from Colombo. It has a rich history of Sinhalese occupation followed by the invasion of the Dutch, British, and Portuguese. Even to this day, the city continues to bear tokens of its antique culture. Apart from the variety of places to visit, there are many adventurous things to do in Matara.

From relaxing at the beach to exploring the underwater kingdoms – everything is possible here. Getting around the town is convenient on the three-wheeler named tuk-tuks, and there is an array of wares available for shopping enthusiasts. Amongst the many places to see in Matara, the following are some adventurous things to try out while exploring the town:

1. Kite Flying – At the Crow Island

Kite Flying

Due to the strategic position of the Crow Island at the mouth of the Nilwala Ganga River and in the sea, it experiences strong gusts of wind. The conditions make it conducive for flying colorful kites in the sky. Apart from flying kites, there are many activities available in the Crow Island Beach Park. You can hike along the walking track crisscrossing the island. You may even mount horses and horse carts for an equestrian experience. Nature lovers can soak in the various ecosystems supported by the island. The timber deck offers gorgeous views to capture brilliant photographs.

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2. Snorkeling – Polhena Beach


The offshore coral reefs circle the Polhena Beach to offer calm, shallow waters that are ideal for snorkeling. The colorful corals offer refuge to a range of aquatic wilderness. The water is pristine and unpolluted allowing you to witness the vibrant fishes. However, visibility is an issue if you are visiting the area during the monsoon. If underwater adventures do not sound appealing, then you could relax in one of the shacks along the coastline. Many hotels and resorts are present at the beach to provide their services to the tourists.

3. Climb Dondra Lighthouse

Dondra Lighthouse in Matara

The Dondra Point is the southernmost point of Sri Lanka. Constructed in 1889, the Dondra Head Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Sri Lanka. Commissioned by the Imperial Lighthouse Service and designed by Sir James Nicholas Douglass, the lighthouse was erected under the supervision of William Douglass. A set of spiral stairs allow visitors to climb to the top of the lighthouse, which leads to the balcony. The balcony offers a splendid aerial view from the 160 feet high lighthouse. One can witness the undulating mountains in the north or the vast expanses of the ocean in the south.

4. Visit Devinuwara

Devinuwara in Matara

Devinuwara is a Sinhalese word that translates as “The City of Gods.” It is located some 6.5 kilometers south of Matara City Center. At one point in history, it was one of the busiest ports of Sri Lanka. To this day, one can visit the majestic temples dedicated to the Hindu God, Lord Rama, who is an avatar of Vishnu. The main Dondra shrine is a mix of Buddhist and Hindu architecture and is spectacularly decorated during the Esala festival. The 3-storeyed building bears a vibrant shade of blue on its external walls, which contrast with the shiny copper roof tiles. The walls and the insides of the temple are intricately designed.

5. Surfing – At the Medawatta Beach


Medawatta is a surfer’s delight, and the beach is present just outside Matara. The spot with its sandy bottom acts as a base for many local and foreign-owned surf training camps. From rookies to expert, everyone can exploit the different sections of the beach that offer an assortment of breakpoints with varying difficulty levels. After an enjoyable surfing session, visitors can relax and sunbathe on the sand. Tourists sparsely populate the place, so it offers a much-welcomed breather from the crowd. Additionally, there are many budget accommodations available around the Medawatta Beach, which is another advantage over other congested beaches.

Matara railway station

Getting to Matara is possible through various modes of transport. Popular modes of getting to Matara include:

1. By Road

You can hire your personal vehicle and cruise from Colombo to Matara. It might be an expensive alternative, but driving along the scenic Galle Road is well worth the investment. The 4-hour journey along the coast will reward you with stunning visuals that Sri Lanka has to offer. However, if time is of the essence, you could also catch the Southern Expressway and make your way from Colombo to Matara in a record time of 2.5 hours!

2. By Rail

The city has its own Matara Railway Station, which is the last railway station on the railway lines heading south. The town is a mere 5-hour journey by train from the capital town of Colombo. However, there are limited options while traveling by train.

3. By Public Transport

The commonest way to get to Matara is by traveling via a bus. Buses ply to Matara after every 30 to 60 minutes. The Matara Bus Stand is located right in the City Center and is, in fact, outside the historical monument of Dutch Rampart. Matara is a major transport hub amongst the southern cities of Sri Lanka and is well-connected to other major towns such as Kandy, Ratnapura, Pottuvil, etc. You could pick between the air-conditioned and non-AC buses traveling to Matara.

Whether you are a travel enthusiast aiming to explore all corners or a lazy tourist simply hoping to relax, there are many things to try out in Matara while on your visit. So, plan a trip to Sri Lanka right away!

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3 Bars In Badung Regency Bali That Reflect The Thai Nightlife

Often known as the island of Gods, Bali is a famous tourist attraction that receives over 5 million visitors each year. The vibrant lifestyle, the friendly crowd, and the lip-smacking Thai cuisine here are few things which you can not miss for sure. Hence, to bring all the above three together, we bring you a list of famous bars in Badung Regency Bali that attract a lot of crowd for serving you out of the ordinary. Visit these bars and be amazed by the lively and magical nightlife while you meet cheerful strangers, do amazing karaoke turns, eat the most lip-smacking dishes, and have an unforgettable night.

The Badung Regency in Bali is home to a lot of tourist regions such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Canggu, Uluwatu, Badung, and Mengwi. These regions are prominently known for covering up a lot of resorts, hotels, and bars. Here, go ahead and check out our list of the three most famous and fun bars with a great atmosphere and aura which you will find in the Badung Regency.

These amazing bars in Badung Regency Bali would serve you the best of memories with some fine wine and energetic music. Add them all up on your list!

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1. Gay Bars


For those feeling fabulous and in for something wild and fun for the evening, such Bali’s nightlife venues are a must. The place boasts of vibrant dance performances and a cabaret show which you definitely must not miss for sure. The exceptionally friendly staff will serve you some of the best cocktails available at a very reasonable cost. Visit these gay bars for amazing nightlife entertainment in Bali, filled with fun entertainment and sexy shows. They offer a never seen glimpse of the place and the lifestyle.

Location: Seminyak
Timings: 3:00 pm -03:00 am
Must Try: Bali Joe, Club Cosmo Bali, Mixwell

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2. Rock Bar

Swanky rooftop bars in Singapore

With an amazing ambiance and great decor, the Rock bar is a rooftop restaurant and bar in Bali, which is known for serving amazing food and cocktails. The fine musicians make your evening even more magical with their melodious tunes, along with the pleasant staff. One must definitely visit this restaurant during the sunset.

Location: Hotel Four Points By Sheraton Bali Seminyak Lantai 6 Jalan Petitenget Gang Cendrawasih No. 99 DS Seminyak, Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Timings: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. Cheers Bar

people in a bar

This homely bar and restaurant is one of the bars in Badung Regency Bali that is best to stop by at the end of a tiring day and enjoying an evening with drinks and karaoke. Do not miss the delicious food which is served by none other than the friendly members and staff of the Cheers Bar. The prices are affordable and worth the sumptuous food served along with drinks in this lively place.

Location: Jalan Legian No.476, Legian, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Timings: 9:00 am – 1:00 am

These were the three energetic and best bars in Badung Regency Bali that you have to pay a visit on your plan a trip to Bali. Get lost in the high-spirited nightlife and upbeat music of the place and spend a night while having ultimate fun. These welcoming clubs are also famous for serving the best of Thai cuisine, so feast on some mouth-watering dishes and savor every flavor that melts on your taste buds along with a glass of magical cocktail that is served in these places. Cheers!

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